"Mike is one of the best guys you will meet in business. He has a great sense of humor and is easy to get along with. But more importantly, he is an exceptionally talented executive. He has a creative approach to problem-solving and consistently provides invaluable insights that others miss. He possesses the kind of business wisdom that cannot be taught. It comes with experience, and only to executives like Mike, who have the intellect to understand it. Turn Mike loose on a problem or challenge, and you will be happily impressed with the results."
--Jim Dettman
fmr VP/GM Zillion

ROI Marketing Agency LLC

Never before have marketing investments been so carefully scrutinized!
The news is filled with tales of tough economic times and struggles involving even the largest of companies. Marketing types must justify and provide metrics for every dollar spent.
ROI marketing can help--with tried and true tactics designed to deliver strong returns on every investment, as well as the methods to track responses.

Returns You'll Be Proud to Discuss

Nothing's better than being able to deliver good news!
ROI promises exciting and fresh creative. It's creative that is designed to work, and to meet your specific marketing needs. You'll be proud to show and tell your colleagues about your ROI marketing programs and the powerful returns they delivered!

ROI Listens

One of the things you'll notice from the start is that we're listening. We listen carefully to the challenges you're faced with; as well as restrictions of timing, budget, logistics, as well as personal preferences.
You'll get fully customized work; not cookie-cutter materials modified from a previous job.
And we listen to criticism and handle it well. Too often you'll find creative types who are more focused on the "art" and not on your needs. We'll work with you to make it work! After all, who knows your markets better than you?

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